Post-collegiate free time meets a yearning for adventure. On this blog, I will be documenting the trials, tribulations, triumphs and pitfalls that I’ll find all across the ancient, dying science experiment that we call “planet Earth.” Bicycling across the entire country on the Southern Tier flipped on my “wanderlust” switch, and now I have a burning desire to travel nearly everywhere and do everything.

This is the place you’ll read about it.

George Weidman is an award-winning freelance writer and content producer based in Atlanta, but living nowhere in particular. He covers topics ranging from video games to bicycling to transportation renewal, and contributes articles to clatl.com and truepcgaming.com.


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Go for it.

  2. Nice stuff!

  3. ecrane425 said:

    I’ll be following! Awesome!

  4. I rode from the headwaters of the Mississippi down to New Orleans last summer. 2142 miles. It was amazing. I’m must say that I’m jealous of you — I could live out on the road. Enjoy every moment, the good and the bad.

  5. Mary Frances Comer said:

    Best wishes from South Carolina!

  6. Wesley Dunn said:

    Enjoying your adventure through your posts.

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